PUK Code Remover

PUK Code Remover

PUK Code Remover

Welcome everybody to this page where I show you the PUK Code Remover! How to use it to ofcourse remove the PUK Code from your phone.

The PUK Code Remover

Okay so first of all you need to get it from the link below. After that open it up and from it’s instructions you will see that you need to connect the phone to your PC. Once it is connected, the puk code remover will detect your phone and you can begin removing the code process.

This takes a couple of minutes on your PC, then you need to restart your phone. Now when you restart your phone it will take more then usual (about 5 minutes) because the program is doing it’s thing. And when your phone boots up, it will be unlocked. Now you can disconnect it from your computer and enjoy it!

Well that’s about it for the program, you can download the PUK Code remover from the link below. Also a scan link will be provided!



Scan link:


If all else fails and you cannot get your phone unlocked, you can go to your carrier and ask for the PUK Code. They might charge you but, that’s the last option / resort.

Well, thanks for coming to our page we hope we guided you in unlocking your phone!

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