Pokemon X and Y Rom

pokemon x and y rom

pokemon x and y rom

Introducing the Pokemon X and Y Rom

Welcome people, to our website where we share our newest tutorial our post. This time it is about the pokemon x and y ROM and how to use it. To of course play the game on your PC. So the rom for pokemon or emulator, is actually pretty easy to use. We combined the ROM inside our own emulator. So all you need to do is download it below, (Don’t worry it is only 50 megabytes.).

And then just open it up and click on the button that says “Start the emulation”. And the POKEMON game should start playing. In the video above, however we only show you just a brief game play. You, can download this emulator or Pokemon X and Y Rom from the download button below and enjoy playing it yourself! I think this is enough information about the program and it’s features, so have a good one!



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Once again, thank you for coming to our website! We do hope that you downloaded and successfully used our ROM or emulator for the pokemon X and Y. If you enjoyed, it don’t forget to share it with your friends and social media under the name┬áPokemon X and Y Rom!

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