Pokemon X and Y for android

Pokemon X and Y for android

Pokemon X and Y for android

Pokemon X and Y for android

Welcome everybody to this post where I show you how to use the emulator program that we’ve made. In order to play the Pokemon game of course.

All you need to do is first download the program from the download button below, then open it up. Once you’ve opened it up select in the connection between your PC and your Android device (with USB or wifi). Then after the program has detected your phone, just go on the “installation” tab.

And click Begin Installation process. Now this process has a couple of parts, just wait them out. Well depending on the speed of your PC, Internet and Phone this process should take from 10 minutes to a couple of hours. But in my case it took around 15 minutes. Because I have a fast PC and phone and my internet connection is okay.

Anyways that is about enough information for the Pokemon X and Y for android! You can download it from the link below, also there is a SCAN button in there too. So you can see if it has viruses of not. Which it has none of course!



Scan link:


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