Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom

Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom

Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom

Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom

Welcome to our share, where we tell you an easy way of playing the pokemon game on your PC using this Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM! Of course more information will be displayed below.

So pretty much we got a ton of requests to make an emulated program that is easy to use, and offcourse have little size. So, we made it! The program has only 1 button. And the size of theĀ Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom to play it’s thing. Well that is pretty much it, the emulator is only 50 megabytes so pretty much anybody can afford to download it and also it will bring back memories of our / your childhoods the good old fun days! I think this is enough information, you can download and emulate the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha game using the romĀ from the download button below. Ow, and there is also a scan link of it and as well as proof! Thank you for coming.


MegaShareScan link:




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