Logic Pro X For Windows

logic pro x for windows

logic pro x for windows

Logic Pro X for Windows


Hello peeps, this is the newest share. The Logic Pro X For Windows! The Logic pro for windows is an application that when you install it you will be able to have the logic pro music editing app that is only available on MAC for your PC.

How does the Logic Pro for Windows work?

Now, you might be wondering how?

Well it is pretty simple, we converted or emulated the logic x application and made it available for windows. Now, we make it look easy as pie but it actually wasn’t. A lot of hard work was put into it. But, in the end it was worth it! Because our consumers were¬†now able to edit music or produce¬†music like professionals using our logic pro for windows.

So, in order to use our emulated music editing application all you need to do is download it from the link below. Open it up and make a new folder in your desired disk.

Getting in depth about the Logic Pro X For Windows

In the video showing above I made in my primary disk which is “C”. And afterwords I made a new text document inside that folder. Now once I did that, I went back to the program and selected the file path to the “Logic Pro X” folder. Selected the text document and clicked install. A small period of time passed and the Logic pro x for windows was installed on my WIN 7 and now it was available for use. Well, because I don’t really know how to use the program very well I just opened it up and closed it using the button and that was it.

Well, I do hope you enjoyed our short tutorial. You can get the logic pro on your computer from the download button below.



Scan link:


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