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Welcome people to this share or post, where we you a very simple way to view instagram profiles which are private using the insta viewer that we’ve made.

The insta viewer

Insta viewer

insta viewer

So the insta viewer is actually pretty damn easy to use. First of all, you will need to download it from the desired website below (more options then 1), then just open it up and type in the username of the person’s ;profile you want to view. No matter if the profile is private or public, it will display all the photos and the minute, hour, day, month etc..

it was put on. Also we added a cool feature. So, if you click on the photo you can view it in full size and if you click on the button it will download and put it on your desktop so you can do anything with it. For now the instagram viewer program is actually useful and we are open to opinions so we can add more and unique features. That would be all, you can dowload the insta viewer from the website/s below.
(There’s is a scan link listed below, as well as proof!)

Insta view:


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