Garageband for Windows

garageband for windows

garageband for windows

Using the garageband for windows

Hey guys and welcome to this quick guide on how to get the Garageband for windows specifically the newest 10 version! Well it is quick and easy! All you need to do is download the installer below, and install it on your windows. Remember though you need approximately 5 GB of free disk space. Anyways the method on installing Garage band 10 on your windows is simple. You open up the installer, you make a new folder in your local disk (and name it Garageband).

How to install the Garageband for Windows

Then after words make a new text document inside the folder and name it here. Then go back to the program and select the path to the new text document. Then just click install. Now after this process is done, the installation begins. This can take a couple of hours depending on the speed of your computer. But for me it only took around twenty minutes.
So after this process also finished you will now have the garageband on your computer. Just open it up and use it!



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