Free CS GO Server

free cs go server

free cs go server

Hello people, today we give out an application that can give you a free cs go server hence the name How to get a server for free in 2016.

Getting ready the free cs go server & it’s features

So this part is actually the most important part. I will actually go a little more deep inside of the program to further explain it’s possibilities and of course it’s features. So the CS GO Server can be hosted to have a maximum of 14, 16, 24 or 32 players. You can choose from 22 maps that are already pre-loaded or upload a custom map yourself. Currently the server can only be hosted as casual and you can edit it’s Mods, Admins, Kick, Ban players and so forth.

The servers have 30-120 ping worldwide of course depending on your IP. I live in Bulgaria so I had around 45 average ping which is of course very good. Anyways, the servers are hosted on SSDs so no lags or bugs. There will be updates every now and then with new maps, and perhaps a death match, competitive mods and so forth.
Well that is about it! You can download and host your own CS GO Server using the application that can be found below.



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